On The Road

About 18 months ago I was informed that I had been selected by Symphony Hall Birmingham to participate in the 2014/15 ECHO Rising Stars programme. This would involve a tour of several extremely prestigious concert venues across Europe with a band of my choice. At the time I was naturally pretty chuffed to have been given this opportunity but, what with it being more than a year in the future, I filed it away under ‘things that are happening so far in the future that they aren’t worth getting unduly excited about’, on the same list as ‘buy first Ferrari’ (admittedly higher up on the list, but the same list nevertheless).

Anyway, time has been passing at its usual rapid rate, 2014 is almost over and the first date of the tour has moved from the original list to ‘its happening today so better recalibrate the levels of anticipation’.

When I was thinking about this tour and what it could involve my thoughts turned to this somewhat neglected blog. I have decided that a string of gigs in various far flung auditoria would be just what I needed to awaken my inner Clark Kent. This being the case I have set myself the task of writing a post about each of the gigs, the first of which you are reading now.

Part of the promises I have made to myself – and by way of this post the world as a whole (feel free to hold me to it) – is to write a new piece of music in each of the cities we visit on the tour. The plan as it stands now is that these will emerge at each subsequent gig, so by the time we get to Birmingham Town Hall in May we’ll have a whole new set of music. Let’s see how that works out……

Turning back to todays antics the Mike Fletcher Trio will be appearing at Milton Court Hall in the Barbican at 19.30. To commemorate the occasion we have specially minted audio replicas of the band that come in a beautiful presentation case with artwork courtesy of Jethro Brice. These can be acquired in exchange for a specially minted picture of Charles Darwin.

Hopefully we’ll see some of you there.

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