Forgive me WordPress, for I have sinned…..

When I first signed up as a fledgling blogger, I had high hopes of making regular contributions to the every growing wealth of knowledge and opinion on the internet. However, the evident lack of posts reveals that this hasn’t quite been the case, which is something that has preyed on my mind to a certain extent. Although I am under no illusions that my current status as a lapsed blogger is depriving the world of valuable wisdom, I do feel that by neglecting this blog I am revealing my inherent tendency to laziness and procrastination. While I might once have argued that my failure to update this site is of little consequence, I am now starting to realise this might be a bit of a naive perspective.

As a musician, I have something of a public profile – although, as I am primarily active in the fields of jazz and improvised music, this profile is, at best, quite ‘niche’. Nevertheless, by virtue of my musical activity, I have been the subject of a certain number of interviews over the course of the last six months or so. In addition to doing wonders for my ego, having journalists taking an interest in me and my work has the inevitable consequence of being subjected to the ubiquitous Google search. Consequently, on more than one occasion recently, I have been presented with quotes drawn from comments I made on extremely remote parts of the internet. Therefore, I have decided to give any future interviewers a bit more fodder, which will hopefully draw attention away from some of my more unguarded comments.

Now, I realise that one could argue that this fact too is of little consequence – and I admit there is a part of me that would be inclined to agree – but, despite this, I have now decided to take a more responsible, motivated attitude to my online presence. Of course, this is, at least in part, a cynical ploy to accumulate ‘likes’, ‘followers’ and all the other virtual trappings of a successful career as a 21st century ‘artist’. However, I am also beginning to see the value of the internet beyond a cheap and simple marketing tool.

In recent times, I have augmented my performance activity with my first forays into the world of academia. In September of last year I began my PhD studies in composition in Birmingham, and am currently working on a chapter that will constitute my first published work when it is included in a forthcoming collection of academic articles about jazz. As a result of this I am spending a fair amount of time reading and writing, some of which is beginning to bear some quite interesting fruit. Therefore, in addition to sporadic uploads of Youtube vids and gig reviews, I am now planning to use this blog as a type of public sounding-board/forum for some more philosophical ideas about music, art and creativity.

I have spent a good month or two thinking of how to get the blog-ball rolling again, so hopefully this visit to the virtual confessional will leave my conscience clear to produce some posts of more substance. I do hope so…..

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