5th – w/ Clasijazz Sextet. Clasijazz, Almeria. Spain

12th – w/ Cuarteto Majao. Clasijazz, Almeria. Spain

15th – Mike Fletcher International Quartet. Jazz at the Spotted Dog, Birmingham. UK

17th – Mike Fletcher International Quartet. Hermon Chapel Arts Centre, Oswestry. UK

25th – w/ Clasijazz Big Band S&F – feat. Sam Watts & Sara Oschlag. Clasijazz, Almeria. Spain

26th – w/ Sara Oschlag/Sam Watts Quartet. Clasijazz, Almeria. Spain

27th – w/ Sara Oschlag/Sam Watts Quartet. Cactus, Nijar. Spain

30th – w/ Sara Oschlag/Sam Watts Quartet. Culb Magic, Granada. Spain


2nd – w/ Clasijazz Sextet. Clasijazz, Almeria. Spain

8th – w/ Clasijazz Big Band plays Mingus’ Epitaph. Valencia. Spain

16th – Picasso(s) . Hermon Chapel Arts Centre, Oswestry. UK

23rd – Picasso(s) . Ebisu, Brno. Czech Republic

24th – Picasso(s) . Punctum, Prague. Czech Republic

27th – Picasso(s) . Skautsky Institut, Prague. Czech Republic

28th – Picasso(s) . Libenska synagoga, Prague. Czech Republic



7th – w/ Cuarteto Majao. Aku Aku, Mojacar. Spain


17th – w/ Olie Brice Quintet. Birmingham. UK.

18th – w/ Olie Brice Quintet. Newcastle. UK

31st – w/ Olie Brice Quintet. Jazz at The Lescar, Sheffield. UK


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