13th: Fletcher/Brice/Jozwiak @ Divadlo, Kolin, Czech Republic

14th: Fletcher/Brice/Jozwiak @ ArtCafe, Broumov, Czech Republic

15th: Fletcher/Brice/Jozwiak @ Jazz Goes To Town, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

16th: Fletcher/Brice/Jozwiak @ Tyluv Dum, Polika, Czech Republic

17th: Fletcher/Brice/Jozwiak @ Cheb, Czech Republic

18th: Fletcher/Brice/Jozwiak @ Club Kino, Černošice, Czech Republic

19th: Fletcher/Brice/Jozwiak @ Reduta, Prague, Czech Republic

20th: Fletcher/Brice/Jozwiak @ Stará Pekárna, Brno, Czech Republic

21st: Fletcher/Brice/Jozwiak @ Dum Kultury, Kromeriz, Czech Republic

22nd: Fletcher/Brice/Jozwiak @ Klub Escape, Kurim, Czech Republic

23rd: Fletcher/Brice/Jozwiak @ Blues Nad Becvou, Prerov, Czech Republic

24th: Fletcher/Brice/Jozwiak @ Mestska Scena, Martin, Slovakia

25th: Fletcher/Brice/Jozwiak @ Breclav, Czech Republic


9th: Duo w/ Steve Tromans @ Orpheus Instituut, Gent, Belgium



6th: Mike Fletcher Quinteto Español @ Clasijazz, Almeria, Spain

9th: Mike Fletcher Quinteto Español @ Assejazz, Sevilla, Spain

10th: Mike Fletcher Quinteto Español @ Club Magic, Granada, Spain


26th: Mike Fletcher Trio + Julian Sanchez @ The Spotted Dog, Birmingham, UK

30th: Mike Fletcher Trio + Julian Sanchez @ Cheltenham Jazz Festival, UK


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